Monday, August 13, 2007

Music Lesson #10

Listen to your dreams. Or watch them. Whatever. There's tons of good stuff you can get from dreams.
Like mind-blowing poetic imagery:
"I held a bowlful of angry bees
To the chrome-colored sky.
You were as huge as the sun."
Or crazy ideas for a music video like Michel Gondry's video for Bjork's Army of Me.
Or life-changing sexual epiphanies. Holy shit I'm in love with my best friend! And he's a dude!
And he's been dead for years!
Or song ideas. Like this dream I had where I'm waiting for the big red pay phone in front of my highschool cafeteria to ring. It rings and I lift the handset. There's a female voice at the end of the line. It's cool and seductive, like a spy's whisper.
She: I'm calling for the Philippine Diamond Miners' Bloc of the Philippines. We'd like for you to write a song for us highlighting the virtues of Philippine diamond mining. In the Philippines.
I: What's in it for me?
She: Money, lots of it. And eyes like sapphires.
I: Yes I'll do it.
And then I start singing this song into the handset, that's sort of floating in space. There's smoke coming out of the receiver.
She: Don't mind my smoking.
I: It's getting into my eyes, my sapphire eyes. It burns!
She: Love is like this. It turns in an open flame and is flavored by its own juices. Like a chicken on a spit.Here's the song.
All these years
Collecting like graves in a battlefield
The manufactured lives we lead
Hearts and homes
When we're all gone they'll pile them up like stones
Here's the quarry of my soul
I mine the streets for diamonds
(I'm) simply not over you
I look inside my damaged mind
For things to do
I sail away to China
(I'm) simply not over you
Chasing stars on the horizon of
A country I never knew.
Summer days
Sitting with you waiting for rain
I've no more promises to make
Laying plans
Let's build them up and tear them down again
Waves crash into the sand
Though I'm old
I still picture you, your eyes as black as coal
How I wanted you then
Pave your way with lies and sow your tears
And I'll see you again
I never knew...
Oh woh...You...
I never knew..."

The reference to China is a little trick to make the song sound more new wavey. I remember standing in a cliff in the middle of an island in the Lijiang River, looking at the beautiful misty hills of Guilin, tapping my left foot to a steady beat while slowly sweeping my right hand, pointing at the distance, from left to right singing China! China! like the Red Rockers. Again the song is a love song about a breakup. But I wasn't writing about any particular experience of mine. I was in fact feeling rather well when the song came to me.
In other news, Los Chupacabras now has the distinction of being the only rock band in history with the most Palanca Award-winning musicians. First to win was our drummer Joel (for poetry, twice) and just now our guitarist Mikael Co (also for poetry). Bassist Carl is an-award winning fictionist and a guy with a mustache. I am a nothing but all I can think of is me. Bruises, bruises, bruises. (Hear Lisa Germano's Bruises)
Congrats Mike, or Kael, or whatever you call yourself nowadays! Congratulations land of dreams!

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